Seaside Funk is a band long overdue. Rick Scherer, Bill Hammond, and Dicc Bowdler have been friends for years and always dreamed of “getting the band back together”. Seaside Funk features Bill Hammond on Sax, Dicc Bowdler on Guitar and Vocals and Rick Scherer on Guitar, Harp, and Vocals. The Band features a mix of Blues, R&B, and Classic Rock. Familiar Artists we cover include Clapton, Petty, Van Morrison, James Taylor, Otis Redding, Bill Withers, … the list goes on.


If making money was our objective, we would be on food stamps and welfare at this point. Seaside Funk loves to interact with the people attending our shows. We play many tunes from the way-way back and it is fun to play “stump the crowd” at our gigs. It creates a party atmosphere where everyone is involved and that is gold to Seaside Funk.

Better yet, if a couple dances to any of our tunes, look at the smile on our faces. To Seaside Funk, that is the ultimate compliment.


Our goals are simple. We want to share our music, introduce great venues, and, for our musician friends, talk shop about music gear. As a close musician friend said to me years ago, “you can never have enough stuff”.

So we invite you to visit often as we will be posting events, videos of live performances, and “Blogging” about all kinds of stuff like music gear, artists we cover, venues we like, or interesting tidbits about the Palm Coast area.

We encourage our guests to post questions, comments, and/or suggestions on any aspect of Seaside Funk. Feel free to leave them below and we will respond pronto!

See You Soon,

Seaside Funk