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Chord transitioning is the process of changing the key of a particular song. It is usually to put the song in a key that is easier to sing. In an earlier post (Song Lyrics and Chords – Seaside Funk’s Top 4 Sites), I shared where to get free lyrics online. How many times have you downloaded the chords and lyrics and found the key was too high for your range? I run into this often.

If you are a solo performer you have 2 options, use a guitar capo (see my blog What Is A Guitar Capo?) or transition the chords to a key that is comfortable to fit your vocal range. The capo option is the easiest but once you get to the 5th fret, an acoustic guitar starts to lose its full body sound. Option #2 is to transition the song to fit your range. If you are in a band, option #2 is the only option.

What Is A Guitar Capo?

Now I am not one that can visualize the chords for a successful transition of a song so I would, with great frustration, work out each chord by counting frets from the core chord of the song. I am here to show you a better way.

INTRODUCING TRANSPOSR.COM comes from the makers of Planning Center and allows you to transpose a song from an MP3 file or a Text File.

It’s So Easy

Text: Copy the content of your text file into the blank page and select the original key of the song followed by the new key and select Transpose. So easy.

MP3: Upload an MP3 file you want to transpose. Decide if you want to transpose in half steps or from the original key to a new key. Boom, a new MP3 is created in the new key. This is really helpful for transposing backing tracks to your style.


There you have it and, if interested, you can join, for free, and take advantage of other services offered by Planning Center. Check it out first. If all you want to do is transpose text or MP3 files, bookmark the site. That is what I did.

Share this blog with a musician friend, I am sure they will enjoy this free service.

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  1. This is awesome! I’m a guitar player, although I haven’t played very much over the past few months. As it happens, a lot of the music I listen to is tuned down to lower keys and I usually prefer to leave my guitar in standard tuning. So when I want to learn a new song, I’m faced with the dilemma of tuning down just for that song and then putting it back later, when I want to play something else. That’s a pain, so this is like a godsend. I am SO glad you shared this! Thank you!

  2. This is a game changer for me! I a guitarist and singer-songwriter but I love to play and sing songs from my favorite artists. I’m an alto so a lot of the time other artists voices are just too high for me to copy and play in the same key. I do use a capo on a regular basis but If you want to lower the key, the capo isn’t quite as useful. I knew that transposing things was possible but I didn’t know you could do it quite so easily! Thanks for cluing me into Transposr. I took your advice and bookmarked it!

  3. DUDE! Automatic transposing? Get out! That’s awesome! Being a musician and a drummer (wait-do those go together?) transposing songs instantly (especially in a band) can be nightmarishly insulting live! This tool will be great for learning all kinds of good stuff in vocally obtainable keys. I can’t wait to try it! Are you in a band now? What’s the name? Thanks again man! 

    • So glad you will benefit from my blog post. Yes, I am in a band, Seaside Funk (the name of the website). 

  4. Okay, so I’m not a musician, but I read the post word for word.  And I understand it.  So I figure if I as a non-musician can understand it then it is clearly explained.  I did find what I believe is one grammatical error:  
    from and MP3 file or a Text File.   Shouldn’t it e from an MP3?

    Clicked on Spooky, and found the sound quality to be very good.  Enjoyed the sax and the singing.  Sorry I can’t say anything negative.  Love the set up; clear to navigate.

    • Hi Barbara,

      It seems no matter what tools you have, a grammatical error can slip through. I appreciate your review and will fix. Thank you for liking our music, I will tell the sax player of your positive comments and me, as the singer, I am humbled by your comment.

      Seaside Funk

  5. Hi Rick Scherer, thank you for this wonderful information about music chord i am so happy as a choir in my church to have learn new thing from your post, i love music so much and i check on the website for transposing it is true i will like to know more updates you are a good teacher in music, i can sight read and play from hymns but how can i play without  looking at hymn books.

    • I cannot read music so I learn from listening and interpreting. Being able to get free music online and having a free tool like makes it so much easier for musicians like ourselves.

  6. Thanks for this post, Rick.  I actually know about the Planning Center.  Our Church uses it quite a bit to schedule events and worship team practices but I haven’t heard about Transposr and I’m not sure if our worship leaders know about it either.

    I will most definitely be sharing this with them because I’m not sure they know about it.  The leaders do some transposing from time to time and, If they don’t know about this tool it could be of great use to them, (and me on those days when I need a lower key).

    I checked out your link and it looks to be a free service.  Is this correct?

    Thaks again, Rick.  This could be very helpful indeed.


  7. Hi,

    I just got an acoustic guitar and having some difficulty getting a complete hang of things. When it comes to changing the keys, I get really frustrated transitioning between my usual high key and low keys I am trying to practice.

    I’m glad to learn about transposr and the wonders it can accomplish. I love the idea that it is easy to use and works well with both text and mp3 files. This is a genius invention and the best part is that it is completely free.

    I have a couple of friends trying to form a band. They will surely benefit from reading this article.

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