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You’ve been diligently practicing your guitar, getting the feel, building up callouses and NOW it’s time to pick your favorite song to learn.

Great, Congratulations, Lets’ do this!

I am going to show you how to find song lyrics and chords for literally any song you may want to learn. If you read my earlier post Learn How To Play Guitar Online – Master The Basics, I suggested you should learn a song you like, something simple, with 3 chords if possible.

I am going to share with you where to find your song lyrics and chords online for FREE!

Your music taste will somewhat dictate the best source for your songs. For example, you may be into country, blues, classic rock, or pop. No problem, we’ve got you covered.

Below are my top 4 sites I have used over the years with great success:

  1. Ultimate Guitar
  2. AZ Chords
  3. Chordie
  4. Cowboy Lyrics

Just to be on the up an up, I have no skin in the game with any of the top 4 presented. In other words, I receive no compensation for presenting their website in this blog post.

If you are just getting started, may I suggest visiting Beginner Guitar HQ. It is free and a great place to pick up all kinds of tips and techniques on guitar related subjects. Click on Meet The Team to learn more about the folks behind the scenes at Beginner Guitar HQ.

Common Thread

A common thread among the sites mentioned is the content (chords and lyrics) has been provided by an unpaid contributor. There a lot of folks that like to share a song they have learned. One word of caution, not all the contributions are 100% accurate. In fact, the contributor typically as for feedback and corrections.

It is typical to see the same contributor on multiple sites.

Remember its FREE and a majority of the time the accuracy is spot on. Who knows as you become proficient at figuring out songs, we may see your name as the contributor helping other players.

I think that would be cool.

Ultimate Guitar

As you can see from the picture above, there is a lot going on with Ultimate Guitar than chords and lyrics. It is a free site to join but it does offer a Pro feature if you are so inclined.

In the search bar at the top simply enter a song or the artist. Let’s input Take It Easy by the Eagles.

This illustration is just a small representation of the versions available for Take It Easy. Besides the Eagles, any artist that has recorded the song will show up.

Under Type, you have several options; Official, Pro, Chords, and Tab. We are interested in Chords. Pro and Official cost you money and Tab stands for tablature which is a subject all on its own but not now.

Notice the rankings for chords. I kind of like the one with 5 stars and 2,620 likes. Makes sense to always start with the highest rated version.

Now let’s take a look at the song detail.

There is a lot of great information to help you with the song. The difficulty for this version is novice so if you are new to guitar this may not be the version you would start. This song is pretty simple so I would go for it.

I like that it gives you the strumming patterns for the intro and verse/chorus with some notes from the author. Hover your mouse over a chord and it will display where to put your fingers, very nice.

Click Here To See The Complete Version Of Take It Easy On Ultimate Guitar

AZ Chords

AZ Chords is not nearly as sexy as Ultimate Guitar but it gets the job done.

You have a couple of options:

  1. Click on the 1st letter of the artist and you will get a listing of artists (use this option if you want to look for artists starting with E for example)
  2. Type in the name of the artist (Eagles in our example) and you will be taken to a list of Eagles songs. Much more efficient.

Unfortunately there is no option to simply type the song name.

Chose your option once you are on the Eagles page, click the link for Take It Easy (Tab), select the version, and check it out. Don’t be confused by (Tab), all the songs have the chords and lyrics included. The tablature follows the chords and lyrics.

So my observations are that it is somewhat similar to Ultimate Guitar except not as much information or options.

My beef with AZ Chords is they have links to “Learn how to play Take It Easy” or “Try these lessons to learn fast” that are misleading. The links are advertisements taking you to another site. It is not unique to AZ Chords.

I understand that AZ Chord’s source of revenue is advertising from those sites. Stay focused on the song and avoid the temptation to click and all is good.

Click Here To See The Complete Version Of Take It Easy On AZ Chords

At the end of the day, AZ Chords is a legitimate source to bookmark.


My first impression of Chordie is that the site is well-developed and pretty cool looking. It is very clean and easy to maneuver.

The menu is slightly different from Ultimate Guitar, pretty robust with some cool features.

Select Songs to easily browse songs from A-Z or choose Artists for a similar experience. They also provide a source for song books called Public Books which are e-books published buy individuals. MY Songbook is for you to collect your own library of favorite songs. Finally, they provide Resources and a Forum focused on many aspects of guitar instruction.

So reviewing the snippet, I like the presentation of the song with the 5 chords illustrated on the right.

Note the ability to transpose the song. If you are not familiar with the term, Transpose is the technical term to change the key of the song. The reason you may want to transpose a song is to make it easier to sing if the original version is out of your range.

Do you see Guitar Tuning? Chordie offers tuning for left-handed guitar, ukulele, and banjo.

Neither are relevant for this discussion but I am impressed Chordie included such options.

Click Here To See The Complete Version Of Take It Easy On Chordie

Cowboy Lyrics

Cowboy Lyrics is my sentimental favorite. If I search for a song with lyrics and chords, I hope Cowboy Lyrics has a version. The site’s focus is on country but not all songs available are pure country.

The menu is pretty straight forward to find the Artist/Band Name. Songs for the artist will be listed similar to the other sites.

So here we are at the Eagles. The options are lyrics only or chords and tabs. The chords and tabs will also have the lyrics.

Similar to the other sites we covered, the illustration above includes advertising links that take you away from the song.

Click Here To See The Complete Version Of Take It Easy On Cowboy Lyrics

Wrap Up

So there you have it, 4 sites to find chords and lyrics for the next song you want to learn.

I didn’t mention it earlier but another method is to use google and type “Take It Easy Chords and Lyrics”.

Most assuredly the 4 sites will pop up.

Don’t be surprised to see “YouTube” pop up on your search with several people offering to teach how to play Take It Easy. It certainly is another option to look into but my disclaimer is not all teachers are at the same level.

Thank you for your time please share this post with your friends.

To Your Guitar Success!



4 Comments on “Song Lyrics and Chords – Seaside Funk’s Top 4 Sites”

  1. I’ve been using Ultimate Guitar for some time now. It is my fave, but that is probably because that is the one I am so used to. I’ll go and check out the others.

    Nice choice of song…Take It Easy is one of the best!

    When I want to learn a new song, I usually start at Ultimate Guitar and then head over to YouTube. For me, I need to see someone playing before it really “clicks”.

    Anyway, that for providing links to some guitar resources I haven’t looked at before!

    • Thank you for your comments and I am pleased I was able to provide other options.

      Ultimate Guitar is a great source and combining with YouTube is smart.

      I also invested in a product called Song Surgeon to learn new material. You can pull the song in from iTunes and when it plays it back, the chords are produced. It also allows you to slow the song down and minimize the vocals to hear the guitar parts for example. Click Here  to see an overview.

  2. WOW I wish I would have known about your site previously, I might have been a pro by now if I had been following the instruction on your site from day one of being gifted a guitar. I like how you break everything down here it makes learning to play our favorite songs easy!

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