• Product: Song Surgeon Version 5
  • Where To Buy: SongSurgeon.com
  • Price: Free 4 Hour Demo, Standard $74.95, Pro $97.00
  • Guarantee: 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Rating: A+ BBB Accredited Business Since June, 30,  2003

Seaside Funk is always adding new material to our set list.

In a recent blog post regarding called  Song Lyrics and Chords​, I pointed out 4 sites that I use regularly. I also recommended the Song Surgeon Software to one of my readers. It’s a tool that accurately and efficiently helps me learn the finer details of a song.

I remember the old days listening to a song over and over trying to figure out the chords and writing down the lyrics . If the song was to high for my voice I had to transpose the chords to fit my range. It was a very frustrating process!

I originally ran across Song Surgeon​ during a google search for a tool to help with learning songs. I down loaded the free trial version and after working with it a few days decided to go for it and purchased the Pro version. Great choice!

So happy with my purchase that I felt I needed to let my musician blog followers in on it too.

It is so freaking cool what it can do. Even my son who  is a Video/Audio tech professional said he had never ran across anything like Song Surgeon​.

Song Surgeon – Founded in 2007

Song Surgeon has been around since 2007. I can’t believe I didn’t stumble upon it sooner. It’s sold worldwide in 120 countries and not only to  guitar players. Song Surgeon is being used by musicians representing over 37 different musical instruments. Dang!

Version 5 takes the software to a whole new level with the addition of key detection, automatic beat detection, and automatic chord detection (my personal favorite). All the added features are available on the display allowing you to immediately use them upon opening a file.

For my guitar friends, watch the video below explaining the features.

For an overview of Song Surgeon V5 watch this video:

To access the Free Demo referenced in the video,  Click Here.

Let’s Summarize The Key Points of Song Surgeon

Who Uses Song Surgeon?

  • Musicians
  • Vocalists
  • Transcribers
  • DJ’s
  • Karaoke Singers
  • Worship Music
  • Dance Classes
  • Exercise Classes
  • Teachers and Students

How Is It Used?

  • Musicians use it to slow down songs improving song learning by almost 700%.
  • Dance Studios use it to slow down the music to make it easier teach new steps.
  • Translator and Transcribers are more efficient and accurate by being able to slow the music down.
  • Churches and Karaoke Singers use it for pitch or tempo change to customize the music to fit their style.
  • Exercise Classes use it to speed up or slow down the music that accompanies the specific exercise.
  • Audio down loader helps detect and download millions of files from thousands of websites like  YouTube or AOL.
  • The Wave Form Editor allows for creating custom lessons or practice files.

Two Other Important Points

  • Whatever you do in Song Surgeon you are guaranteed Distortion-Free Audio.
  • Changes you make can be exported and made permanent.

What impressed me most from the overview were the diverse number of users of the software and it’s ability to export a permanent version of the song after changing the key or tempo.

Let’s see what else it can do.

5-speed Customized Guitar Lesson Creation

That is a mouthful but it is a very sweet feature for both students and teachers.

​Two versions of Song Studio are available, Standard and Pro. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the standard version. In fact there is a long list of benefits that will keep you very busy.

The primary distinction between the Pro and Standard versions is the Pro version provides the ability to create a 5-speed customized guitar lesson.

What Does That Mean?

In the standard version you can set up a loop, for example, to learn a particular lead. You can slow down the tempo as explained in the overview.

In the Pro version you can set up 5 loops of the same lead at different speeds. So you may set up the 1st loop at 30% making it easier to figure out the notes. Follow that with corresponding loops of the same lead (2-5) allowing you to increase the speed say from 30% to 50% to 75%to 90% and finally 100%. This is an efficient tool to learn the lead at your pace.

The video below demonstrates how looping works in Song Surgeon.

Song Surgeon is a great tool for any guitarist but really helpful for teachers to assist their students.

Wrap Up

  • Product: Song Surgeon Version 5
  • Where To Buy: SongSurgeon.com
  • Price: Free 4 Hour Demo, Standard $74.95, Pro $97.00
  • Guarantee: 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Rating: A+ BBB Accredited Business Since June, 30,  2003

There is a lot more to Song Surgeon than I am have covered in this review. I do, however, hope I was able to wet your appetite. For a detailed comparison of the Standard Versus Pro version, click here.

I highly recommend to try the Free Demo first.   Click here  to gain access.

Make sure to tell your friends!

To Your Guitar Success!







12 Comments on “Song Surgeon Software – Free Demo”

  1. Hello 😉

    This is useful information as my wife is so into music, I see her try to listen to songs and trying to understand the words always.

    It takes her time to do that, with song surgeon software i think she will find it very easy to understand the lyrics, will definitely look into downloading the software for her, thank you for the useful information again.


    • That is great! Have her download the Free Demo to make sure she is comfortable with the software. Love to hear what she thinks about the tool.


  2. I can see where this would be very useful. For example, I am listening to music with everything I do, even reading or typing a post. When I have to listen to a song nearly 100 times it seems before I have the words down, it can be frustrating. I’ll have to get this program for my son when we have the money, he is learning to play the guitar and I think this would be very helpful to him. Thanks for sharing this, you have given me a new direction in life I did not realize existed. Well written; easy to understand and definitely made me want to purchase the product. Well done!

    • Thank you very much! I am enjoying using the software, it is a game changer compared to how I used to learn songs. I hope your son enjoys it as much as I do.

  3. Wow, so glad I stumbled onto this review. My son and I are learning guitar together. We were just wishing there was a way to automatically find the chords from a song (we have a large mp3 collection).

    The added benefit of being able to slow down the song makes it perfect for learning.

    We’ll be downloading the demo tonight. Based on what I saw in the videos, it looks like a lot of features for less than $100. One thing I missed was the difference between standard and pro. What are they?

    Thanks again!

    • Glad you stopped by and found value in my review. If you click here, you can see a detailed comparison of Standard Versus Pro.

      I was convinced the added features were worth spending a little more.

      To Your Guitar Success!


  4. This is pretty useful for studying some songs that are a bit complicated on guitar. Can you actually do your own version of a song with this program? That would be useful to for avoiding copyright strikes on youtube. Which is a bit irritating when you do some montage video and you weren’t aware that you hit a copy strike song.

    • Hi Erick,

      Yes I find it great for learning new songs and being able to slow down the song to more learn a difficult part of the song. 

      I am a little confused on your question regarding copy write strikes on YouTube buy I will do my best to give you my opinion. 

      Song Surgeon allows you to save the version of the song you develop in the software. If you are considering publishing that new version to YouTube, I would suggest contacting YouTube so as to avoid violating copy write laws.

      I hope I answered your question.


  5. The software looks great like you said for guitarist or teachers. By playing with the speed you can learn so many things and see so much more into your performance. A music teacher would be able to use it to focus on certain parts the student is missing. Song Surgeon software is a unique name but since you can slice up and slow down or speed up it seems like a very useful tool.

    • Chris,

      You are spot on with your feedback. Not only music teachers but dance instructors use it to slow the tempo down to learn the dance steps. In an upcoming review, I will be introducing Video Surgeon to my readers. Using the same slow down technology, Video Surgeon has almost unlimited applications.Check back in a week or so.


  6. Hi,

    I love the samples you provide on the website. It provided great listening pleasure. As for the provide, it looks very interesting. I would love to learn to play guitar. I tried it once when I was young and didn’t go well because I didn’t have a proper teacher. With the software you mentioned, this could do the trick.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Hi Jack,

      Yes, this software is very helpful to learn guitar as you can slow down the music, create loops, etc. 

      I discuss online lessons on a recent post called  “Online Guitar Lessons Reviews – JamPlay” . Read that review or click here to directly to the  Jam Play website.  I highly recommend Jam Play for aspiring guitarists. 

      Using Song Surgeon in combination with Jam Play is powerful.

      To Your Guitar Success!!


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